Pygal US Map fork progress

I’m happy to report some progress in adding an option in pygal for the generation of SVG maps of the United States. There’s a few snags that I need to work out, but it’s 90% there.

I’m going to modify the borders of the states so that there is greater contrast, fix the mouseover effects, and see about improving the contrast between the states with creating a darker static border, fixing the mouseover effects, and [be] hopefully expanding the range of the color gradient.

Here’s the original France map from pygal that demonstrates the additional mouseover effects and has higher contrast borders.

Edit 9/25: All’s working well now, just don’t have the grouping functionality originally present and the stroke width seems to be too fat for the map compared to France. That’s an aesthetic issue that can wait, though.

Edit 11/9: No progress made in the last two months. Haven’t had internet since the last the update due to relocation to Barrow, Alaska for a work assignment. I’ll upload what I have to github and post a link here accordingly.

Edit 3/15: Just kidding. I’m never updating this. Lost interest 6 months ago and lost the files I was working on about 2 months ago.


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