Sous Vide Update, 5/2014

I was about to get started on the code overhaul for the Arduino sous vide machine when I discovered that my immersion heaters no longer work. A word to the wise, you shouldn’t store them in freezing temperatures in a humid garage. The heaters I chose had mediocre reviews on Amazon, but were still the best reviewed and most affordable. I’m going to look into a few alternatives to find something heartier, but equally affordable.

2 thoughts on “Sous Vide Update, 5/2014”

  1. Dump the heaters and cambro and get a turkey roaster from walmrt. Good volume, (22qt) so its got some room and thermal mass. Built in heater that can get up to temp relatively quickly. The top reduces evaporation and provides some insulation. And its cheap! I just looked at and its $50, but they regularly blow them out before and after the holidays for as little as $20. The only thing its lacking is circulation ( and it needs it!) I hacked together what amounts to the rudiments of a under gravel aquarium filter with an air pump and pvc and BAM, less than 0.10 degree variation anywhere in the bath. That rig with a pid has been working great for going on 2 years. Cheap, easy, reliable.

    1. Awesome suggestion, thank you. I never considered a turkey roaster; that essentially looks like a lab water bath which is precisely what the first sous vide machines were made from.

      I’ve been dying to do some improvements on the sous vide machine and code, but all my stuff is in storage until I’m settled. Those immersion heaters were total trash and I’ve been considering getting this water heater on Amazon ( and coupling it with a dutch oven or enameled cast iron pot for heat retention, but I imagine the turkey roaster would be less fuss, cheaper, and easier to boot.

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