State Gas Prices Project

EDIT: Thanks to not having a computer up and running consistently, I only gathered about 2 months worth of data. Project cancelled to pursue more interesting things. Check out for a great source of data!


How much would gas be in your state without state and/or federal taxes? What is the current average price of gasoline in your state? Compared to other states? Historically? What would gas cost without the required ethanol component? What would be the average change in MPG from removal of ethanol? These are the questions to be addressed by the upcoming State Gas Price Project.

Will include the following:

  • code for a web scraper program to harvest pricing data and store to local and/or remote database
  • image mapping script to dynamically adjust state colors based on price range and map pricing labels to them (like so)
  • option to export image to svg and png
  • depending on time this week, an alternative HTML5 interactive svg map with mouseover effects. (oooh fancy!)



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