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Quick and Easy Wireless File Sharing With the Raspberry Pi in Linux

Fed up with the commandline and just want to drag and drop some files on to your network connected raspberry pi? Look no further than the oft-forgotten FISH protocol.

No, not that kind of fish

Fish is a simple and easy to use SSH file transfer protocol that can be used in Dolphin and Konqueror file managers/browsers. It allows you to share files between computers (including raspberry pi, woohoo) securely through SSH, all from the convenience of your GUI file manager.

To use it, simply open Dolphin or Konqueror, and type in the address bar:

fish://[raspberry pi username]@[local ip address]
ie: fish://pi@

Assuming you have all the basic dependencies like openssh, you should get a prompt that has you input the raspberry pi user password. Once entered, you’ll be on your way to easily swapping files without having to resort to running ftp servers, using scp, rsync or moving things manually to the SD card.


Obviously, this feature isn’t limited to just the raspberry pi. You can use it for transfers between other SSH accessible computers as well.