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The (sort of) Return of Good Eats

The Situation

The host and creator of the Food Network series Good Eats, Alton Brown, has been busy these last few years. From continuing his job as host of Iron Chef America and mentor on The Next Food Network Star, publishing periodical podcasts¬† and interviews with notable chefs and authors (Alton Browncasts), starting a new series Cutthroat Kitchen, continuing to bemuse his fans with his ridiculous post it note twitter account, and going on a nation wide food & music tour. You can say he’s been very busy and this is all well and good, but none of it compares to the pure bliss of Good Eats. It was a Bill Nye meets Julia Child mashup where the foundational science of cooking had an equal footing and airtime with the process and techniques involved in producing the episode’s dish. On a channel starved of any programs that actually taught cooking or offered any intellectual stimulation, Good Eats was king.

It was something unlike any other cooking show on the Food Network or elsewhere on television. It had no reality show theatrics and it taught you more than how to replicate a recipe, it taught you about why that recipe works and how to think about food. As someone who can assuredly say they learned how to cook nearly everything from the show, I really miss Good Eats.

Brown with his (in)famous yeast puppets
Brown with his (in)famous yeast puppets

The Rebirth of “Good Eats”

You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across two new videos under the moniker ‘Cook Smart’ on the Alton Brown YouTube page. Looks like this is the Good Eats-esque project Brown has been hinting about for the last year. So far there are only two short web clips, one on cooking eggs in the oven and another on refrigerator organization.

Worth keeping an eye on and periodically checking for updates if you’re a ‘food fan’. Who knows, maybe even the yeast puppets will return for a clip.